Tour of Parliament- 06/08/18

The Tour of Parliament was a very educational and fun day for all of the members of the Youth Cabinet. When we arrived at the train station, we walked down to Parliament where we reserved passes to enter the building. We walked into Parliament we were greeted by a huge hall full of history and great craftsmanship. We all stared around in beauty and wonder of this structure knowing of the great decisions and debates which had taken place in it.

We were then greeted by our tour guide who had taken us around all the rooms of Parliament while we asked questions and were informed of their importance as a part of Parliament. Some of the cabinet members described the two most important rooms, House of Commons and House of Lords, as awesome and very well known.

After our tour we walked down to Downing Street were we saw a campaign for saving the Asian Elephants where we met Stanley Johnson and Evanna Lynch which was unexpected but was most exciting.

Then we had lunch in St James’ park where we talked about our day and to finish it of we visited Buckingham Palace before heading back to the station to go home.

Here is what the Youth Cabinet had to say about the trip:

  • I liked finding out the history of Parliament and the food.
  • I loved learning about Parliament and its history.
  • I most enjoyed visiting the House of Commons and Lords where politics and decisions are made.
  • It was amazing meeting Stan and Evanna. The Houses of Parliament was amazing and the trip was great and memorable.


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