Youth Cabinet Meeting 09/08/18


9/8/18. Youth Cabinet members attend a meeting in Centenary House, Durrington (not very many of us due to holidaying). We discussed our Curriculum for life project but mostly our Votes for 16 campaign; learning a lot more about this and writing speeches for and against to present in the cabinet chambers, Chichester with the main cabinet board.

Points for “for”

  • Many 16 year olds would care about the vote
  • 49% of 16-17 yr olds voted in the Scottish referendum
  • The UK isn’t just made up of adults, we should have this right too
  • Many places give an “adult” treatment at age 16 (such as train fares)

Points for “against”

  • Immaturity in the vote
  • 16 year olds might not even vote- pointless- might give the country consequences
  • 18 year olds have a better understanding of the world around them (because of work, taxes etc)
  • There is a low vote rate for 18-25 year olds, so why bring in extra just for an even slower rate?

What the attendees liked

Carris: “I liked getting the campaign sorted and expressing my opinion through Votes for 16”

Holly: “I enjoyed that we could express our own opinions”

Tom: “We discussed an issue of vital importance to our age group”

Maxwell: “Being able to debate relevant topics to our age groups in a discusion”

Esme: “Having chats relevant to issues”

Josh: “Having discussions about important issues and hearing what other opinions others have in contrast to my own”

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-Josh Patterson

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