Worthless campaign

What is the WorthLess? campaign and their aim?

They are campaigning for fairer funding for West Sussex schools, as this year West Sussex children received £30 million less than the national average funding for schools. This is highly unfair and this campaign aims to stop this and get rid of the cuts that have been put on schools in West Sussex.

How does this effect you?

These cuts are very unfair and is having a huge effect upon schools across the county. Due to cuts schools may have to…

  • modify school opening hours
  • Increase the amount of pupils in a class
  • offering a curriculum that only does the basic requirements
  • Stop investing in books and IT equipment

This is shocking and will have a huge impact on students’ education because they won’t have the same opportunities as other students and may not achieve their full potential which is not right. These students are the future of our country and they should deserve a good and fair education.

Even if you’re not a student this could have an impact on you or your family. Would your really want your child to reserve a worse education than other county’s? If not see what you can do below.

What can you do to help?

If you believe that that this is an issue and you want to do your part to help stop the cuts for West Sussex schools and give fairer funding for these schools. Then we would ask you to go to the link below and sign our petition which will then be sent to the MP’s of West Sussex.


Find out more about the West Sussex Youth Cabinet

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