Youth Cabinet Day-24/08/18


On Friday 24th August, Youth Cabinet members attended a meeting at Horsham to discuss local campaigns, Votes at 16 campaign and our C4L campaign. Local campaigns were WorthLess? campaign, Cheaper Transport prices for 16 and 17 year olds and Youth Cabinet Awareness.

Youth Cabinet Awareness

The group that focused on Youth Cabinet Awareness created business cards and stickers to promote the West Sussex Youth Cabinet. These designs look very similar so if someone sees this they know it is the West Sussex Youth Cabinet.

Cheaper Transport for 16 and 17 year olds

The group has called their campaign “2 much 2 soon”.


For 16 and 17 year olds, it is mandatory for them to attend a college/sixth form or university so they can get good grades so they can get a decent job. They already are paying tuition fees to attend, so why are they also paying adult prices to get to these places? They aren’t given any adult treatment (such as the vote etc.) so why treat them like an adult here?


  • Emails have been created to send out to transport companies
  • Emails to radio companies have also been created
  • A petition is live on
  • Logo has been created


  • Chase up email replies
  • To get people to sign the petition

WorthLess? campaign


To get fairer funding in West Sussex because we get 50-75% less than the national average in school funding. We feel strongly that resources in schools are lesser quality than those in other counties across the UK which lowers the learning quality and teachers attracted to West Sussex, therefore lowering the chances of a West Sussex person getting a good job or scholarship compared to a Londoner.


  • Petition for young people on WorthLess? on
  • Email to all headteachers with the petition link created
  • Blog created


  • Powerpoint for schools
  • Chase up schools
  • In the future sent to WSCC to merge with the broader West Sussex WorthLess? campaign.

What the Youth Cabinet said:

Josh- “I liked the productivity of the meeting and how much was done in the small groups, knowing what we do can make a big impact”

Will- “It was a fun and highly productive session where a lot of work was completed”

Benjamin- “I enjoyed the type of work we did”

Spencer- “It was a really good day as we did a lot of work that can change the youth’s lives”

Holly- “I really enjoyed being able to work on campaigns in small groups on topics we chose”

Jack- “I enjoyed talking to my group to make a difference”


Our next meeting is on 6th September with the Main Cabinet board in Chichester.

Find out more about the West Sussex Youth Cabinet

Read more blogs from West Sussex Youth Cabinet

Thanks for reading our blog.

-Josh Patterson

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