UKYP and Youth Cabinet Meeting 04/10/18


On the 4th of October, the West Sussex Youth Cabinet and UKYP met at Centenary House, Durrington and we discussed our experiences in work experience, we assigned jobs for our first aid workshops and we discussed our Votes @16 campaign.


Firstly, we discussed about work experience in school. Not many people had exact work experience in their schools- they had careers meetings and careers evenings but not work experience.

Secondly, we agreed on people to help with our Headteachers workshops on the 1st November and 8th November. Our next steps are to get our headteachers in our schools to attend- as well as the primary schools around our areas. Whilst these were being assigned, a small group of us decided on a motion for political parties on our Votes @ 16 campaign, hoping it will reach a national level. We were also given some posters to give to schools for Free Your Mind.

Our Next Steps:

-Attend Workshops assigned to us

-Attend Next YC meeting: 6th December

Thanks for reading,

Josh Patterson

View all the minutes and more from our main website

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