Youth Cabinet and UKYP meeting: 10/01/19


Hello all and we hope you’ve had a great New Year so far. On January 10th, the West Sussex Youth Cabinet met up for the first meeting of the New Year at Centenary House, Durrington and we began our new project for raising awareness for Young Carers, the last reports of Curriculum for life, report on Votes @ 16 and what we’ll be working on from the Make Your Mark survey from West Sussex and the wider UK.


Firstly, we welcomed others around the room with our name, area and a positive- we had some new faces join us also. We began the contents of the meeting with a visitor from Young Carers to begin our first project. We discussed about Young Carers and took a quiz about Young Carers in West Sussex which is available to see in the pack for schools about Young Carers. One way we would raise awareness in schools for Young Carers is for YC members to promote the pack that was given to schools a couple years back. Another was to plan assemblies and deliver them to year groups or to incorporate them in a lesson in the PSHE curriculum or in tutor times. We preferably wanted this done by Young Carers Awareness Day (31st January) or by the day of the next YC meeting.[For example, I’m doing assemblies in my school for all years (except Year 11) on Young Carers]

Secondly, we spoke about our report Caz is sending to us and all Headteachers in West Sussex about the survey Young People answered and the success of our workshops on First Aid. We also spoke about the motion and report on Votes @ 16 which will decide whether the main cabinet will allow votes at the age of 16.

Thirdly we spoke about Make Your Mark where we found out tackling Knife Crime was one of our highest results people were worried about so we will have a guest coming in about this. We also spoke about Safer internet day which has a theme of safer internet and some people decided they would be a part of a video to help some of our guests with their project.

Our Next YC Meeting is on 7th February 2019 in Worthing.

Thanks for reading

Josh Patterson

View all minutes and information about Youth Cabinet in our main website

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