Youth Cabinet and UKYP meeting 07/02/2019


We began this meeting, like most, by introducing ourselves and sharing something positive that has happened this week as this is a good ice breaker to start each meeting. We first started by talking about how we are planning to go forward in 2019 by looking at different events to do this upcoming year. For example, debating with the Cabinet of West Sussex.

The meeting

We then moved on to first aid in school and what we will do next. We had already carried out our workshop and sent out our report which we got comments from some schools and one of these schools gave suggestions on how to get affordable aid in schools. So, we have completed this campaign. 

One of our Youth Cabinet members also has created a presentation to bring awareness of young carers in schools and know the presentation has been sent to all youth Cabinet members so that we can hopefully bring awareness to young careers all over West Sussex and present this presentation across schools in West Sussex.

Since we have moved into the new year, we are starting to get involved with the put an end to knife crime campaign where we split into small groups and came up with many ideas to help prevent knife crime. Some examples of this are producing posters to bring awareness of knife crimes to produces assemblies in schools which will be used to bring awareness of knife crime but also information about such as the punishments of these crimes.

Thanks for reading our blog.

Will Nyss

Our next Youth Cabinet meeting is 7th March 2019



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