International Women’s Day

West Sussex Youth Cabinet Chair Ellie Roberts presented at My Sister’s House about what it is like being a young women and the Chair of Youth Cabinet. Below are her thoughts:

On Friday the 8th of March, I was invited to My Sisters House at the Phoenix Centre in Bognor to talk at their International Women’s day event.

I spoke about my experience of being a 17 year old girl, how i find it difficult to be taken seriously and how we’re labelled as the ‘at risk’ group, treated differently because we’re vulnerable. As an active social media user, I spoke about social media as a form of women empowerment through the campaigns ‘metoo’ and ‘timesup’, how they’ve inspired women to be unafraid and speak up about their experiences.

I explained my position and responsibilities as the Chair of the West Sussex youth cabinet and how holding this position has done such incredible things for me over the past year. The afternoon overall was uplifting  as I received incredible feedback from the women attending. I believe that doing these things are very important so I can inspire others and in the spirit of International Women’s day, show that This Girl Can!

Written by Ellie Roberts

What is the West Sussex Youth Cabinet?

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