Youth Cabinet Meeting 06/06/19


On 6th June, the WSYC attended their 6th meeting of the year in Durrington where we began with our introductions and positives, visited by Luke Storkey from WSCC Graphics, updates on campaigns, and elected new MYP and DMYP roles as there were vacancies.

Firstly, we split into groups as Luke from Graphics presented his version of our knife crime posters, where we reviewed them for change and what we liked. We confirmed that we liked the A3 size and to have printed 1000 of each of the 4 posters. These will be posted on our day in July.

Secondly, we were updated in what happened in the recent MPs meeting and the lunch people attended on 17/5/19. The people who went, spoke to them about the new A27 road, Climate Change, Knife crime and its effects on Young People. We were offered funding for this campaign. We decided we want another debate in September, and we’d discuss the topic in July’s day. Louise Goldsmith and Gillian Keegan attended this MP meeting and all of them liked our knife crime posters.

Thirdly, we needed a report written up for our campaigns- which Josh Patterson and Benjamin Waterer wrote which should be published soon. Whilst, we created the knife crime survey which contained questions we needed info on for our campaigns. This survey can be accessed at:

Lastly, we appointed our MYP/DMYP vacancies. The results were:

  • Holly Thompson- MYP East Arun, Adur and Worthing
  • Josh Patterson- DMYP Chichester and West Arun
  • Rory Donovan- DMYP East Arun, Adur and Worthing

Our Next meeting is July 29th in Horsham for our first day together of the year!

Thanks for reading

Josh Patterson

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