Child Exploitation Meeting

Last night, Iffat and Daisy went to a meeting to discuss and give feedback about a campaign on child exploitation.

This campaign has hopes to start up March of this year aimed towards young people and parents alike to inform and educate on the issues of child exploitation is the East Arun, Bognor and Little Hampton region.

We gave feedback on the posters for the campaign and the campaign in general and gave our input on areas where we though needed improving

Iffat said: “I was really happy I got to share my opinions and ideas on their campaign and it was great to see them come to young people for a campaign aimed at young people. I think they took our feedback and ideas on board and I looking forward to working with them soon”

Daisy said: “It was a great discussion that I think is going to act as a catalyst for a brilliant campaign. Young people should feel safe, and listened to in their communities, and by communicating with us, an organisation of young people, they are going to find the right way to portray that”

As a whole, it was a really interesting and productive meeting. We have hopes to work closely with them for future campaigns too.

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Written by Iffat Rahman
DMYP for Crawley and East Grinstead and Communications Officer

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