Sussex Police Scrutiny Panel Meeting

Monday night Rishi, Erin and Iffat, members of the Youth Parliament attended the Sussex Police scrutiny panel for Stop and Search to represent the views of young people in the area.

Much was discussed and learned by the young people.

Iffat said “I had a great time learning about how policing has been in recent times and over lockdown and I enjoyed talking to the adults on their perspective on stop and search. There was some information that I was not expecting but I now understand why it is like that”

Erin said “the scrutiny panel meeting was really interesting, but some of the statistics and facts on stop and search were also slightly alarming. It was intriguing talking to the police about this, and important to hear from their point of view. I am glad the police in West Sussex are informing parents of people under 18 if they have been stopped and searched, even though it’s not a legal requirement. It is also good that we are taking steps to get rid of bias in the police force however there is still a long way to go”

Rishi said: “it was fun with lots of people from different backgrounds questioning and what I loved about it what’s how people were contributing and it wasn’t just one person talking and it was carried over by everyone in the call and I loved the discussions about it and also how surprised people were by the stats”

We will continue to be attending the meetings whenever they occur and share our views on behalf of the young people in West Sussex.

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Written by Iffat Rahman
DMYP for Crawley and East Grinstead and Communications Officer

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