This Week In Politics – History Being Made In The USA

The past week in politics has been hectic, especially across the globe, which is why we’re bringing you the greatest headlines from around the world this week! But first…

A Free School Meals Fiasco: Upsetting pictures posted online of free school meals parcels, which showed vegetables cut in half and bread that would expire before the next delivery, caused public outrage and disappointment. The food parcels were supplied by Chartwells (a firm) who later apologised. Despite calls from the general public and councils, the government has defended their scheme and have chosen to continue to offer free food rather than food vouchers for those in need. Boris Johnon (the Prime Minister), Matt Hancock (Health Secretary) and Gavin Willaimson (Education Secretary) have all made public statements declaring their appallment at the situation Shadow Minister for Children and Early Years, Tulip Siddiq said: “Time and time again this government has had to be shamed into providing food for hungry children over school holidays”, in reference to the free school meals debate last year, incited by a campaign by footballer, Marcus Rashford. 

A Scottish Parliamentary Election Looms: With the next Scottish Parliament Election scheduled to take place in May, Scottish Labour leader, Richard Leonard, resigned on Thursday, stating that speculation about his leadership had become a “distraction” – he had also been facing calls to quit since last year. Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister, admitted that she “always liked Richard Leonard” and wished him well for the future. 

In the USA, Donald Trump Makes History In The Final Days Of His Presidency: Following horrific scenes at the Capitol, the House voted to impeach President Donald Trump for a second time – Trump is the only ever President to be impeached twice. The President was accused of inciting insurrection at the Capitol, by encouraging his supporters to storm the building, an event which led to five deaths that could have been otherwise preventable. Now, the case will be moved to the Senate for a trial, but not before President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on 20th January. 

Now, A Break From The News: This one is for the Whovians amongst you – in an attempt to contribute virtually to the House of Commons, MP Scott Mann was interrupted by the Deputy Speaker for… sounding “like a dalek”! The Deputy Speaker quickly clarified,  “I don’t mean that unkindly. There’s clearly a communications problem.” Who said that pop culture and politics don’t mix?

This week has been a crazy one, and next week could be just as crazy, so remember, if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or upset by the news, talk to someone you trust (or reach out to a mental health helpline) and avoid the news for sometime.

Until then, have a lovely weekend, and I’ll write to you next week! 

Written by Alisha Mafaas
Secretary of the Youth Cabinet and Representative for Crawley

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