This Week In Politics – Brexit, Business and Boris

For this week’s blogpost, we’re back to focusing on the UK! First…

Jumping Brexit Hurdles: Samantha Cameron, wife of ex-Prime Minister David Cameron, talked to BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour about the impact that Brexit has had on her business, saying that post-Brexit trading has been “difficult”. Her womenswear company, Cefinn, was founded in 2017.

Boris Johnson in Scotland: Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has travelled to Scotland in what he calls an “essential” trip for a campaign, but he’s been facing backlash:

“Clearly, Boris Johnson is rattled. By branding this campaign trip as ‘essential’, this is clearly a Prime Minister in panic, who knows the Tories are losing the argument on independence”. – Keith Borwn, SNP Deputy Leader.

Police Scotland also said that they received a “small number of complaints” about the Prime Minister’s visit.

Working From Home: It seems that we’ll be working from home for a long time to come – schools in England will be unable to reopen to all pupils until 8 March at the earliest, Boris Johnson has said. However, £300 million “of new money to schools” will fund a catch-up programme over the coming year to help pupils who have been disadvantaged in their learning in the pandemic.

And finally, a new vaccine emerges: the Novavax jab is the first vaccine to show that it is effective against the new virus strain in the UK, with a 89% efficacy. The “good news” has been welcomed by the Prime Minister and the UK has ordered 60 million doses of the jab.

Politics is constantly changing and not always easy to get your head around but we’re here to help! They will be an education and enjoyable experience for all, with presentations from our young people and three speakers – MP Tim Loughton, Councillor Jacquie Russell and Crawley Borough Council Leader Peter Lamb .

You can sign up to our free webinars here

Webinar 1: Political Understanding:

Webinar 2: Political Ideologies:

Webinar 3: Political Discourse:

That’s all from me this week, have a lovely weekend!

Written by Alisha Mafaas
Secretary of the Youth Cabinet and Representative for Crawley

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