Free University Campaign

Free University

One of our new Youth Cabinet campaigns, for Free University, has been started in multiple ways. When we first came together 1 month ago, we set out for a goal, to abolish university fees, or at least reduce fees. We believe that everybody deserves the right to free higher education. Currently, the UK charges up to £9250 per year to study at university, which we understand some people can’t afford. One of our biggest goals is educating and convincing others to support the idea of free universities and teach them different ways this could be achieved.

We hit a rock straight away after a petition to reduce tuition fees was rejected by the government. Some reasons given are:

  • Tuition fees must represent value for money and ensure that all universities are properly funded.
  • The max tuition fee cap has been frozen at £9250 for full time courses for the past 4 years and will remain frozen until 2022.
  • If you would like to read more on this, you can visit the petition online.

On Wednesday 3rd February we launched our survey, which has already achieved over 1000 responses. This form helps us when planning the for the future of this campaign and what our next steps might be. Thank you to anyone who has already filled it out, and if you haven’t already, you can complete it here.

We hope you continue to support our campaign, thank you for reading!

Hollie Jones
DMYP for Chichester and West Arun and Communications Officer

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