This Week In Politics: Sweet Victory for Meghan Markle

Hello everyone, we’re back to you with our weekly blog post, summarising the week’s political events. To start…

Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, welcomed a High Court victory: Meghan Markle had brought a claim against Associated Newspapers (ANL), after they published extracts from a personal letter to her father. The Duchess said in a statement that she was grateful to the courts for holding ANL’s “illegal and dehumanizing practices” to account.

MP Jeremy Hunt’s trip to the hospital: The former Health secretary and Conservative MP for Surrey, Jeremy Hunt, made a visit to the Royal Surrey Hospital, after breaking his arm during a run. He thanked the local hospital staff for their “wonderful care”.

A Downing Street scandal… over a dog? Yes, you read that right! Downing Street has had to defend themselves after photos of Boris Johnson’s dog playing in the snow were uploaded to Flickr, using the taxpayers’ money. No 10  said that the photos “documented the work” that the government and ministers have been doing. 

However, Labour deputy leader, Angela Rayner, opposed the expenditure, since many people have been losing jobs and falling tough times due to the pandemic.

That’s all from us this week, we’ll see you soon!

Written by Alisha Mafaas
Secretary of the Youth Cabinet and Representative for Crawley

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