Social Media Update

With all of our brilliant campaigns up and running, if you’re not following Your Space West Sussex on all our social media accounts, what are you waiting for?

If you still need convincing, or you’re a loyal follower already, read on for what we’ve got in store!

Our political engagement campaign has really been kicking off on social media.

Firstly, we have our weekly podcasts! Listen to our heated debates on controversial topics and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments. All we ask is that you’re respectful to everyone’s opinion. Our podcasts are on Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud, and we also make sure to tweet and post when they’re up so you never miss out! You can read more about them here.

We have a weekly post to accompany the podcast, giving a brief summary of the arguments for and against to further your understanding. On Instagram there is also a poll on our story for you to engage and see which is the most popular side of the debate!

We have a weekly post about different relevant political terminology like an easy-to-understand summary of the Brexit trade deal, differences between Parliament and Government and more.

Keeping up with the news can be very overwhelming at times, but knowing what’s going on in the world is always important, which is why we have news round up TikToks. Less than a minute long but with all the information you need to stay informed! And not to forget the weekly politics blog post right here!

We also have our mental health posts to lift your mood and also as a reminder that it’s okay not to be okay- there’s loads of places you can find help, or just talk about how you’re feeling.

Soon, we plan to start up our racial inequality social media campaign again, we want to empower the voices of POC everywhere and share their stories.

But most importantly, across all of our campaigns, all the important updates, information and ways to get involved are on our social media accounts! Recently, we’ve shared petitions, links to where to sign up for our webinars and primary surveys to name a few as well as reminders when there’s a new blog post! Go follow, engage with our accounts and let us know what else you want to see!

Instagram: @yourspacewestsussex
Twitter: @WSYourSpace
TikTok: @yourspacewestsussex
Facebook: @YourSpaceWestSussex
LinkedIn: @yourspacewestsussex
YouTube: @yourspacewestsussex
Snapchat: @wsyourspace


Written by Anah Zakeer
Youth Cabinet Member for Crawley and Communications Officer

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