The National Day of Giving

The West Sussex Youth Cabinet’s homelessness campaign made a fundraising pack to encourage schools across West Sussex to wear red in exchange for donations to local homeless charities. Our fundraising day was held on the 1st December: The National Day of Giving.

We are so pleased with the outcomes and want to say a massive thank you to all the schools who got involved as well as the amazing charities we collaborated with. Thanks to your enthusiasm and involvement, many lives will be changed during this particularly difficult season. The winter is always a challenging time for the homeless as it gets colder and the mental strain of not spending time with loved ones is also tough.

Donations to local homeless charities (the ones we supported are Turning Tides, Crawley Open House, Stonepillow, Four Streets Chichester and Horsham Matters) give food, warmth and dignity to these vulnerable people.

In particular we wanted to give a shout out to the Gatwick School who went above and beyond by doing not only a non-school uniform day but also a red snack sale! They raised a fantastic £400 for Crawley Open House and have shared some photos from their 2 day fundraiser. 

Following the success of our National Day of Giving, the WSYC are hosting another fundraising opportunity and want to encourage schools to take part for our follow up campaign to take place on the week of Valentine’s Day with a focus on raising awareness and encouraging kindness towards the homeless.

This is a great opportunity for schools who are yet to take part as well as those that may want to try and beat their own record to take part in a meaningful event that will bring the whole school together!

Keep your eyes peeled for more details coming soon!

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