Welcome to the blog for young people in West Sussex!

This blog is where the Youth Voice of young people in West Sussex can be heard.

This blog is designed to allow young people and professionals who work with young people the opportunity to showcase their achievements through writing posts for others to read. All content is mediated by the Your Space team to ensure the young people we work with are safeguarded from online threats.

Have your say and be heard…

On this blog young people in West Sussex can make their voices heard. Discuss topical issues with other young people in the forum or write their own blog.

Why not read and comment on blogs by young people in West Sussex.

Information about our website

Visit www.yourspacewestsussex.co.uk

Anyone in the wider age group of 5 – 19 living in West Sussex can also sign up for the Your 3in1 Card via the site – which means you can get cheap bus fares, great discounts, and prove your age – all with this one card.

As well as events and competitions there’s also tons of stuff you can vote on, info on where to find help and advice, and details of what the Youth Cabinet have been up to…

We’d love to hear what you think – about the website so feel free to get in touch. Just email us at editor@yourspacewestsussex.co.uk.

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