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  • Covid-19 Podcast


    The West Sussex Youth Cabinet have a new podcast live in relation to Covid-19 and how it has affected them and other young people. You can listen to this podcast on many different channels using the links below: Spotify Playlist… Read More ›

  • Racial Equality Podcasts

    Racial Equality

    The West Sussex Youth Cabinet have now started their new podcast in relation to their Racial Equality campaign. The first episode is now available to listen to where the conversation on such a great topic begins. You can listen to… Read More ›

  • National Crimebeat Awards 2021

    National Crimebeat Awards 2021

    National Crimebeat focuses on providing a prestigious annual awards ceremony to give recognition to the most innovative and successful crime prevention projects carried out by young people. The High Sheriff for West Sussex recently nominated the Youth Cabinet for the… Read More ›

  • Mental Health Webinar

    Are you aware of mental health around you and how can you help yourself or others? Last week, the Youth Cabinet ran a webinar to help those experiencing mental health issues, whether that be young people or  friends/family members. Youth… Read More ›

  • Free University Campaign

    Free University

    One of our new Youth Cabinet campaigns, for Free University, has been started in multiple ways. When we first came together 1 month ago, we set out for a goal, to abolish university fees, or at least reduce fees. We… Read More ›