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Blogging on Your Space can be fun, however, its important you follow a few simple guidelines so you stay safe online.

  • Never publish your contact details online
  • Be careful what you write in your blog. It doesn’t take much to give away your identity.

Here are a few handy hints:

Never give your full name, address, age, telephone number, or school/college you attend.
Blog under a pretend name – it’s much safer and can be more fun!

Think before you respond to other users

It’s great to get comments posted on your blog because it shows people are reading them! However, remember the other user may not be who they claim to be. Someone claiming to be a teenager may be a middle-aged person.

Never plagiarise

Your blogs must be just that – yours! Blogs that are plagiarised will be removed from Your Space.

Do not post offensive blogs or comments

All offensive, obscene, sexist, racist or other dishonest or illegal content is prohibited.

Do not advertise your own or third party services

Reviews must not be used as free advertising. Please limit your comments to an evaluation of the organisation or service only.

Think carefully about what you are writing

You may write something you later regret. Something that seems ‘cool’ now may not be so in a few years time when you are applying for a job or further education. Try not to blog about personal relationships or work related issues. Don’t lie and make up stories about others.

Images and video content – think before uploading

Posting images and video content are a great way to liven up your blog and share your experiences with your audience. However, remember, once published anyone can save and store this content. Before uploading anything ask yourself “Would I mind if my teacher, parent, social worker saw this?” If the answer is yes – best not upload.

If you have any queries about blogging, email

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