Chichester University Social Worker Training

Children in Care Council get involved again

The training sessions are where we deliver sessions to first year social worker students to give them  a real understanding of what it is like being in care from a young person’s perspective, being on the receiving end of services and how this can be improved. The training runs every December.

Feedback from young people

After delivering the sessions, young people discussed their thoughts on being the role of the facilitator, what messages they delivered to the students and generally how they felt the sessions went.

Young people were asked these questions initially after delivering the sessions:

What went well today?

“I thought everything went well” and “the group were co-operative and they listened to us, I also thought the activities went well”

Why do you think those things went well?

“Because we worked as a team together” and “because we were in control of running the session, we run it from a young person’s perspective” “They enjoyed the activities”

Most importantly, what did you get out of doing this training and why?

“The experience for me” and “I was listened to” “It was a good experience to help train social workers” “Nice to know what social workers think, about looked after young people” “Knowing that we can help other young people”.

Do you think you have learnt anything/developed anything?

“That I can work as part of a team, and the whole thing gave me more confidence” “Developed my public speaking skills” “learnt that I have a task focused approach to facilitating” “gave me more confidence and made me feel good about myself” “learnt not to give too much of myself away”.

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