What is a healthy relationship?

What does being in a healthy relationship mean to you?

Our lives change on a constant basis whether this is with our friends, family or boyfriend/girlfriend. We communicate in many different ways and form new relationships online especially using social media. The lines can get blurred when social media becomes involved as to what a healthy relationship can look like and how we need to be safe online as well as what consent means, whether that is posting a picture or physical sexual consent.

To help with this topic The Towers Convent school and St Philip Howard Catholic school give their thoughts on what healthy relationships, consent and online safety mean to them as young people.

The Towers Convent School – Consent

St Philip Howard Catholic School – Consent

The Towers Convent School – Healthy Relationships

St Philip Howard Catholic School – Healthy Relationships

The Towers Convent School – Online Safety

St Philip Howard Catholic School – Online Safety

If your school would be interested in taking part in the conversation, get your school to contact Katrina Plum – katrina.plum@westsussex.gov.uk for more information.

National CSE Awareness Day – 18th March 2016

For National CSE Awareness Day West Sussex Residents, young people and professionals have also been giving their pledges by joining in on social media. #StandAgainstCSE and #HelpingHands are two tags that you can use to get involved yourself. If you want us to show your pledges then please include #WSSS in your social media posts and we will add them to our current Flickr album.

Together we can help improve our relationships in the social and digital world as well as in the physical one.

If you need any further information or support visit our sexual exploitation page on Your Space.

For more information about National CSE Awareness Day visit YourSpace.

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