Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health Training Consultation

YMCA DOWNSLINK GROUP along with Coastal MIND/Grassroots partnership have been commissioned to deliver emotional well-being/mental health issue based trainings to the West Sussex workforce over the next 2 years.

They consulted with the Free Your Mind Campaign group to help them to know where they think the gaps are in terms of what practitioners and professionals should be addressing.

Here’s Hannah’s account of the consultation

Today in our meeting we were visited by Clare, who is a councillor for dialogue. She asked us for ideas of what professional’s e.g teachers and carers should know about mental health. This will lead to a contract for the west Sussex workforce and will be involved in their training. We were able to give feedback on our own school experience and how it needed to be improved.

We talked about

  • What are the basic knowledge that all professional working with young should know about mental health
  • How teachers can better support students
  • What a teacher needs to be like to be trust worth trusty and approachable
  • Asked us about our own previous experience when we were in school

Some of us gave quotes on how it felt to be involved in this:

“”its excellent to have the opportunity to give our advice and help”- Abbie R

“its reassuring that more is being done to help young people with mental health” – Hannah

“its great to be able to influence mental health training in west Sussex and being able to improve the understanding of professionals”

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