Re-design of the Primary Mental Health Service

The Free Your Mind Group (FYM) were consulted as one of the stakeholders on what the role of the Primary Mental Health Worker should look like in the future.

The initial consultation gathered their view on:

  • What we would like within a primary mental health service.
  • Raised our opinions about what help is needed
  • How we can access this help
  • What changes need to be made with the current PMHW role

We explored a number of ideas of what the role could be and felt that we were listened to because everyone focused and paid attention while we explained our views.  It was good that everyone had their own opinions and that we are helping young people in the future.


“Successful – listened to!  Felt like we got listened to achieve better outcomes for Services”  Abbie

“I feel this meeting has raised many important points regarding the changes of the Primary Mental Health Roles and Methods”  George

Second Consultation to Review the Two Proposed Models to be implemented

We were consulted on the two possible models for the Primary Mental Health Worker role, and asked to give feedback on the pros and cons of the two models.

Here’s our feedback, we liked aspects of both the models and wanted something that covered all age’s of children.

Quotes from the FYM group who took part in the consultation:

“ Redesigning the mental health service is really positive thing, as we can change things to make it easier for young people to access Services and catching problems early.”  Hannah

“It is great to see our voice bearing heard and making a difference for young people in the re design of the Primary Mental Health Worker.”

“I feel its very important young people’s views are taken into account when redesigning Primary Mental Health Worker services to allow earlier interventions and improve support.”

West Sussex Local Transformation Prioritise for Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Services

We were also asked to discuss and agree what we think our priorities are the Mental Health local Transformation plan going forward here is the two FYM list of priorities arranged in order of priority top to bottom.

Feedback form the FYM group on the local transformation prioritise:

  • Catching problems early is vital to allow comprehensive support from a point where the problem can be more easily dealt with.
  • It’s also great to see the local transformation plan being used and how the Youth Voice is making a difference and informing the outcomes.
  • As a group of young people it’s good to have ,y voice heard and for the local transformation plan I thought it was useful to find out what it was and what the prioritise are.

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