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Chi Mandem GroupFor our social action project we decided to raise awareness for haemophilia, the reason was that some individuals in our group had people who suffered with this illness in their families. This hit quite close to home.  They explained to us what haemophilia was and we sat in silence wondering how we had never heard of a disease that affects thousands of people a year. We decided that the plight of those people cannot go unheard and that is why decided to campaign to raise awareness to this tough and hard hitting topic.

We have a GoFundMe page – so why not help raise some funds.

Chi Mandem discussionWe are going to do a cake sale at St Richards Catholic Church in Chichester then afterwards all the money we raise we shall pledge towards the Haemophilia Trust which is the charity we want to endorse.

We also decided to post on the YourSpace Website to raise awareness for Haemophilia.

We posted on the blog a document which highlights basic, need to know facts about haemophilia and we made sure that it was simple and easy to understand so that it highlighted all the issues.

Download your copy today (PDF, 2 pages)

We also made a video which includes some case studies which show what the impacts of haemophilia are, on families and to the community.

Learn more about Haemophilia from

All written and created by, Fleur, Mally, Maddy, Adrian, Sam, Sophie, Anya, Brad, Alice, Toby, Amelia, Liam, Emily and Sibil from the Chi Mandem NCS group (Autumn 2016)

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