Youth Cabinet Day- 29/7/19


On Saturday 29th July, the WSYC and Youth Parliament members joined together at Horsham Youth Centre for the beginning of their campaigning day together. We firstly began with our positives for the week and welcomed our new Youth Cabinet members who joined- Jack, Pippie and Ellie.


Firstly we discussed Make Your Mark, which is now open, and we set a target for West Sussex- we want 30,000 ballots. We found out which schools had signed up to take part and what schools need chasing up. Everyone’s target set is to make sure that the online link is promoted on all social media!!! We also found out that we were packing the ballots for the schools in the next meeting.

Our second course of business was to discuss about our Knife Crime posters. Unfortunately we keep hitting walls due to issues brought up by the Department of Education and Sussex Police but we have tried our best to fix them and we’ll find out next meeting.

Thirdly, we had Elena Gelibter and Alan Smithson from YMCA present their program called e-wellbeing. They asked us what we liked about their “portal” and what we thought could change. Some of these were:

  • Website needed colour
  • Should be more anonymity
  • Nice idea as people can be more embarrassed with face-face meetings

Then, we had lunch.

After lunch, we got into our Knife Crime campaigning groups and continued with our projects. Some of us went into another room and discussed how we could change the Your Space website. We decided to change the 6 headers to 9 and what should be under those headings. We also decided on how these headers should be portrayed and new pictures for the headers. Hopefully we see this soon.

After, we had Anya Walters come in to find out which of us would partake in delivering First Aid to young people who’s first language is not English. A few of us signed up and this had come up as a result of our report for our First aid campaign.

Finally, we wrapped up on our day and then prepared for the another meeting after.


WSYC members discussing e-wellbeing
WSYC members discussing e-wellbeing

Climate Change Event

We began off with refreshments and looking at stalls that were set up. Then, Deborah Urquhart began off the meeting by outlining the course of events and after Caz led an icebreaker where we got to learn more about the people around us.

At about 5:30pm we began speed-debating. This is where there are many different stands and you work on the topics around them for about 15 minutes each. There were lots of great ideas brought up which Rachel Allen recorded. The topics were:

  • Fast Fashion
  • School estate
  • Social media
  • Waste
  • Say no to plastic
  • Air quality
  • Climate change

Finally, Louise Goldsmith, Leader of the Council closed off the meeting and it was time for us all to go home.


West Sussex Cabinet members and WSYC members brainstorming
West Sussex Cabinet members and WSYC members brainstorming

Thanks for reading our blog.

Our next Youth Cabinet meeting is a day in Chichester on 27th August.

Josh Patterson

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