Youth Cabinet Day- 27/8/19


On Tuesday, the West Sussex Youth Cabinet joined in County Hall, Chichester, in the chambers to discuss our Knife Crime campaign and take part in the Youth Award program.


Firstly we began with Claire Tooke who took us through an award we can all do for taking part in the Youth Awards. Most of us began with Bronze. This is where there are 2 challenges we have/had to complete with 20-30 hours or over, outlining our targets and providing evidence. The first one we did together. After we completed the first challenge, we began doing the second on our own. To have completed this, the project had to have had 10-15 hours of effort put into it. After stating the targets and the project in itself, we then had to search for evidence to support this. I used the blogs as evidence for this. Some people bravely took the route of the Silver and Gold awards which need a lot more time for the challenges and there are more of them to be completed. These awards are great because they can really help credit you for university and other things, so they are worth your while.

As this took us quite a while, we didn’t finish before lunch, so we put it on hold whilst we ate our lunch.

After lunch, we were visited by Ellie, from the Department of Education. This was organised very last minute and was again about our Knife Crime posters. Unfortunately, it was another barrier set in our way. We were told that having an image of a knife around a school may bring fear to people, encouraging people to carry a knife to defend themselves, which we disagreed. Another issue they thought was our slogan on one of the posters- “Carry a blade, 4 years will be paid”. They said that some people will interpret it wrong- that there will be a monetary reward for carrying a knife, even though there was a jail image behind it, this we also disagreed with.

Then, we continued with our bronze award, which we didn’t have much left to complete. Once we had completed our Bronze award we begun sorting out ballots for schools. People who begun the Gold award had/still have to do a presentation to achieve the award.


Youth Cabinet in West Sussex's County Council Chambers posing for a picture
Youth Cabinet in West Sussex’s County Council Chambers

Thank you for reading our blog.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 5th September.

Josh Patterson

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