Knife Crime Posters

Example of one of the Knife Crime posters created

The West Sussex Youth Cabinet have been running a campaign around ‘Putting an End to Knife Crime’ for over a year, whereby we have worked closely with Sussex Police and West Sussex County Council to ensure our efforts were collectively aligned in the same aim; to raise awareness of the issue of Knife Crime and help reduce its presence in our communities This would further contribute to the national aim of ‘Putting an End to Knife Crime’ campaign.

As a group of young people, we have created four posters to bring awareness to the issues of knife crime to other young people in West Sussex. We worked closely with the WSCC Graphics team, Sussex Police and the Director of Education to ensure we brought you informative and high-quality posters to be shared across your buildings. Using the link below, please feel free to print and share.

The ideal positioning of these posters would be where young people would see them on a regular basis and where young people would be able to stop and read them if they wish. This way, we can bring more awareness to the issues and educate students on the impacts of being in possession of a knife as well as the consequences.

Lots of hard work has gone into making these posters, by our young people and we hope you will benefit from using them. 

You can access them via this link

We would also like to hear your feedback in relation to these posters as well as how you will use them in your buildings. Please email who will pass the message on to us all.


Kind regards
Members of The Youth Cabinet

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